How to End a Robbery Quickly, But…

by | Dec 30, 2022


Want to See How to End a Robbery Quickly? But…

Should you fight to keep your valuables or not? In this case, we see someone who decides to fight back and end the robbery quickly. The guy who attempted to rob him is fortunate the man restrained himself after the threat was stopped. 

The majority of people should give up their valuables and get home safely. Still, I also understand that each person must make decisions based on the scenario, variables, and confidence. 

This man clearly felt confident in reacting. First, you hear him calmly say, “Are you serious?” then he quickly stops the assault and throws him to the ground with the man yelling, “Okay, okay!” but those words come a bit late. Then, while the guy is yelling with a high, piercing scream, you hear his buddy yell, “Hey, let him go!”

After he throws him to the ground, you, the intended victim, say, “Get the F!@% out of here” as he throws the guy away, and the guy runs. 

From what I see, the intended target was very restrained and well within the law. Would he have reacted differently if the variables were different, like having a loved one with you? No one can know for sure, but he responded the best way he felt too. 

What is the lesson? My worry is people might see a video like this, so they practice a defence just like this man did, but you can’t enter any situation with an intended defence. With so many variables one might encounter, it is best to discuss all the options and practice as many as possible, adding multiple variables. 

Some of those variables might include.

  • Have the third guy react differently or be closer. 
  • Have the intended target with a loved one or some injury that might affect his ability to defend. 
  • Have the man with a weapon stand outside of the target’s reach. 

So many variables could be added to train, but NEVER think you can react the same way each time. 

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence