Saving & Changing Lives

Learn Self-Defense in Hours, Not Years!

SAFE International™ believes everyone from children to seniors should have access to personal-safety training that can be learned in hours, not years.

Since 1994, SAFE International has taught over 250,000 people in Canada and communities around the world.

SAFE International self-defense courses are designed with one simple but powerful goal in mind.

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Who Do We Teach?

Women's Self-Defense

We understand women face unique safety concerns. This self-defense course has been featured in the Canadian media and will provide you the education and skills to Recognize, React, and Respond to potential violence in an interactive, fun, and supportive environment.

Students’ Self-Defense

The SAFE High School self-defense program teaches the personal safety life skills found in school safety curriculums across the country. We’v taught this course to over 200,000 students since 1994, and due to its popularity, educators continue to offer it to their students year after year.

Seniors’ Self-Defense

Seniors are a vulnerable demographic in society. Our seniors’ self-defense course places a substantial emphasis on understanding how to avoid violence in everyday life and learning basic but effective physical tools.  

Corporate Safety

The SAFE International Self-Defense Corporate Lunch & Learns, Conflict-Resolution training, and industry-specific seminars will bring confidence and increased productivity to your organization.

Family Self-Defense

With this course, parents will have peace of mind knowing their family is more prepared and confident with personal security in and outside the home.

Indigenous Self-Defense

Whether you want to certify community staff in self-defense or offer self-defense to the public, the Indigenous self-defense course has several options.

Knife-Defense Training

This self-defense course takes a no-nonsense, honest approach to dealing with knife violence. Over 50 combined years of experience have gone into development of this self-defense program.

Real Estate Professional Safety Training

This personal protection training offers self-defense education specific to those in the real estate industry. This program has opened many eyes across Canada to the safety risks members of this profession face. 

Rich & Roberts Self-Defense

With over 50 years of combined experience, these self-defense courses are perfect for your martial arts club, event, or public self-defense seminars.

How Will You Benefit from SAFE International Self-Defense Training?

  • Learn to recognize and avoid violence before it appears.
  • Obtain knowledge of how the “bad guy” determines their victims, so you can avoid becoming one.
  • Analyze the possible risks in your regular routines, allowing you to feel more protected and secure.
  • Acquire enhanced conflict-resolution skills in the face of crisis
  • Understand how to shift your mindset if confronted with a real threat to you or your loved ones.
  • Become trained in how to strike the most vulnerable targets on your aggressor.
  • Prepare to defend against the most frequent types of attacks.
  • Plus, much more.