Never Turn Your Back On An Elevator

by | Dec 18, 2023

Never Turn Your Back On An Elevator

Worst To Best Case Scenario On An Elevator and why you never want to turn your back to someone on an elevator.

This video depicts potential physical dangers in an elevator if one disregards one’s instincts.

Through the expertise of Marc Joseph, Martin Ferland of Spartan Training Gear, and myself, Chris Roberts, we present three possible scenarios ranging from worst to best if someone lets their guard down on an elevator.

While it is rare to encounter a physical threat in this setting, I have received numerous accounts from individuals feeling uneasy before entering an elevator. Despite this, many still take the elevator for the reasons I explain in our SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence course and certification.

Once inside the elevator, it is crucial to remain vigilant, with the most critical aspect being awareness of one’s surroundings and the positioning of others and yourself.

A consistent inquiry during our certification process is why I put so much significance on elevators. There are numerous reasons for my focus on this subject that go far beyond simply determining where to position yourself on an elevator.

Elevators trigger various psychological responses, from unease and apprehension when entering to concerns about how others perceive us and our actions. The confined space and the potential vulnerability we may experience also play a significant role in this scenario.

Furthermore, we also explore strategies for handling unexpected situations, such as being trapped in an elevator.

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Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts