Corporate Violence-Prevention & Self-Defense Training

Companies owe it to their employees to provide a safe workplace. And a safe environment benefits employers too because company morale and productivity increase when a job environment feels secure.

So, let us help you create that safe environment and reduce workplace violence in all its forms  — from harassment and bullying to personal safety or assault. Whether it occurs in the office or while employees are traveling on business, violence affects not only the victimized person but also their families and colleagues.

SAFE International violence-prevention training provides honest, memorable, and practical self-defense and conflict-resolution training for companies and their employees. We’ve worked professionals from healthcare to real estate and everything in between. Whether you choose a short, high-impact lunch and learn event or a further in-depth job specific workshop, attendees will leave educated, invigorated, and empowered.

Did you know?

“Canadians responding to our online survey told us that harassment and sexual violence in workplaces are underreported, often due to fear of retaliation, and that when they are reported, they are not dealt with effectively. We know that these incidents have profound negative effects, such as harming workers’ health and safety, increasing absenteeism, and costs for employers.” www.

Among their key conclusions in an online survey:

  • A full 60% reported having experienced harassment
  • 30% of respondents said they had experienced sexual harassment
  • 21% had experienced violence and 3% had experienced sexual abuse

    A SAFE Corporate Safety Course Will Help You Learn

    • How to recognize and identify violence before it arises
    • Who attackers victimize and why
    • How to show true confidence, not fabricated
    • The importance of trusting your instincts and intuition
    • Conflict-resolution training appropriate in personal and career environments
    • Security strategies while travelling for work or in personal lives
    • The safest place to stand on an elevator
    • How the psychopath thinks in relation to violence
    • Common manipulation methods used by the aggressor
    • Easy-to-understand self-defense principles and concepts
    • Plus, much more

    Course Options:

    Personal Safety Lunch & Learns

    SAFE International has gained prominence for its 1- and 2-hour Personal Safety Corporate lunch and learns, which are educational and high energy and entertaining.
    We take a serious topic and discuss it memorably. One of our clients told us that our corporate lunch and learns should be called Lunch, Laugh, and Learns!
    Show your employees you care by having us come in for a fast-paced seminar covering everything from personal safety on the job to safety in their own lives.

    Conflict-Resolution Training

    SAFE International teaches you how to:

    * Identify the types of conflict
    * Communicate in a conflict
    * Avoid common mistakes
    * Verbally deescalate the situation
    * Answer questions that arise in a conflict
    * Deal with road rage
    * Deal with potential sexual assault
    * Read your opponent’s cues to assess the situation
    * Plus, much more

    As Dan Millman says, “If you face just one opponent, and you doubt yourself, you’re outnumbered.” So, gain the confidence today to face any conflict. Stay safe and return to your loved ones.

    Conflict Resolution Book

    SAFE International has received countless testimonials

    The feedback we’ve received is as follows: 100% of the respondents found the facilitator knowledgeable in the subject matter. 100% of the respondents felt engaged throughout the duration of the workshop. 100% of the respondents felt their knowledge and skills increased as a result of the workshop. Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

    Karen, another awesome session. Please thank Rich again. He is a great presenter. We will use you guys again in the future! CanDeal

    Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know both sessions were amazing. Rich did such a great job. I have only heard positive feedback from our employees. A lot of employees are asking me for Rich and your companies’ information which I have provided. I have a feeling we will be using your company again and based on today’s feedback for a much longer time frame. 407 ETR

    “Thank you, Chris, for an interesting session. You present with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I will refer you to anyone looking for such a session. We will keep you in mind for any possible future sessions.”Mary Vieni, Executive Director, Addus

    “It was very helpful! Even though the subject was serious, we really enjoyed it and had lots of laughs and tears. The lessons help you focus on a quick response and areas of the body that may cause the perpetrator to hesitate long enough for you to escape or cause less bodily harm.”  

    Madeline M., Carefor Health and Community Services