How Self Defence Training Saved My Life 14 Years Later

by | Nov 8, 2023

How Self Defence Training Saved My Life 14 Years Later

With mixed feelings and emotions, I want to share another story received from a teacher from a former student we taught about 14 years ago when she was just 14 years old. I am always sad because because anytime anyone experiences violence, they change, and they will be forever affected and changed. On the other hand, I also feel emotions of relief, not happiness, but relief that she is okay, and if she could remember what she learned 14 years ago in a life-altering scenario, great.

This post is not about what we teach but rather to anyone who teaches violence prevention and self-defence to understand that you never know who in front of you, whether it is one person, a large group, young, or old, may need what you are teaching them. It could be never, could be tomorrow or 14 years later, as in this story. You can’t predict what they might remember or how they might react, but you can control the quality of what you teach.

To those who say you must train in self-defence for years to honestly “know” self-defence, you are just “WRONG.” Sure, the more knowledge and preparation one has, assuming what they are learning is violence prevention and self-defence, is ideal. But if it is a never-ending curriculum designed to keep the money flowing from them to you, shame on you.

To say someone can’t learn even one concept, principle or skill that might save their life is ignorant. I have heard too many stories that illustrate even teaching 4-hour courses has provided content that has saved lives if the content focuses on the client, their needs and safety in mind.

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Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts