Child Abductions By Strangers Are Rare!

by | Nov 30, 2021

So, if they are rare, why would I post about them?

Because whether a child abduction, assault or escalating conflict, this video is an excellent example of how quickly an attack can happen.

Regardless of the attack, they will often occur when we are distracted, either self-imposed or by the aggressor, even if just for a split second.

Another consideration is that the attacker may have a plan, so the reaction must be swift and immediate when they implement it, as is the case with this mother reacting to the child abduction attempt.

The initial seconds are when many would freeze, which might be the difference between survival or not. This mother does not freeze, thankfully!

Every scenario is unique with countless variables, so I would never teach always to do this, or do that. Therefore, I can only discuss and introduce options.

When do I show this video to parents? In conversations with parents, when the topic of child safety comes up, most feel there is absolutely no way this would ever happen to them. Therefore, I will commonly show a video like this, not to frighten them but to heighten their awareness of violence in general. It is essential to understand that violence can happen to anyone, at any time, anywhere, as rare as it might be.

As we teach, apathy and denial are two of the greatest threats to learning violence prevention. Comments like “I live in a safe neighbourhood,” or “Stuff like this does not happen to people like us,” or “I don’t go places where this might happen” is common thinking that does not serve you in the rare chance it might happen.

This is not paranoia, but preparedness!

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Chris Roberts, Managing Director