Beautiful Conflict

by | Aug 2, 2022

WOW! No One Lost Their Mind. Impressed With Both People

Sadly, I do not recall ever seeing a video like this where, as I discuss in my book “Disarm Daily Conflict – Your Life Depends On It,” both people are empathetic to each other in what 9.9 times out of 10 would have been a massive conflict.

This woman says, “SORRY,” showing accountability and taking responsibility.

And a bonus is the other guy is not there to confront her but to see how she is doing. He even began with a brilliant strategy which might be part of his personality. He says, “I come in peace.”

I am curious how 99% of people might have reacted if she had not taken accountability and apologized.

So sad that I am shocked by this, but I see a nice change of pace from 99% of the road rage videos where neither person can control any part of their emotions, and it often ends in reckless violence.

How many of you would have reacted like this young man?