Action Is Faster Than Your Reaction

by | Oct 24, 2021

Years ago, I was working with a private client who was quite confident that if they opened the door to a “bad guy,” she could shut it quicker than the criminal could force their way in!

Despite my attempts to convince her, I changed my direction. I said, “let’s try it for real!” I am more a fan of the show and tell than just tell.

So, I said I would pose as some salesperson, and when she opened the door, she could slam it shut as soon as she wanted. But, I could also force my way in whenever I felt the time was right.

The moment I put force into the door at maybe 25%, she could not resist, and she went back aggressively into the front entrance closet she had.

Immediately, she said, “Now I understand!” Of course, some clients need to experience a scenario emotionally and physically, but I may not choose that demonstration route with everyone.

It is imperative to know which teaching tools to use while still keeping them safe in training!

Keep SAFE!


Chris Roberts, Director SAFE International