Rich & Roberts Perfect Self Defense Drill Package

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The Anatomy of the Perfect Self Defense Drill

The “Anatomy of the Perfect Self Defense Drill” is the must-have video/pdf to designing and training the perfect self-defense drill.

World-renowned self-defense instructor Richard Dimitri and Chris Roberts, Founder of SAFE International take you through the critical steps you must include if you are a self-defence teacher or student.

Warning: If your training excludes any of these steps, you cheat yourself and your students of life-saving content essential to survival.

Richard Dimitri needs little to no introduction if you have any interest in self-defense. Along with Chris Roberts of SAFE International, Richard brings you 15 minutes of self-defense education that will change how you train self-defense.

There are more nuggets of value in these 15 minutes than you will discover in hours and hours of watching self-defense videos on YouTube!


But Wait…That is Not All! 

Want to Increase Your Survivability? 

Functional Combative Drills Video & PDF

The most comprehensive source for anyone wishing to increase their combative skill set

Over 59 drills you can fit seamlessly into any training program/martial art

A world-class approach on hand to hand combat and defense training

​​5 Principles of Physical Retaliation in detail

90 minutes of video self defense drills

Close Quarter Combat & Ground Fighting Drills



Retail value of $99.99…But today you will receive…

Anatomy of the Perfect Self Defense Drill VIDEO

Anatomy of the Perfect Self Defense Drill PDF

Functional Combative Drills VIDEO

Functional Combative Drills PDF

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