A Parent’s Guide to Achieving Peace of Mind (eBook)


Keep Your Child Safe in College & University

What if your child could feel confident, learn skills to avoid conflict, and feel safe and secure as they begin their new journey living independently?
This eBook will quickly give them.
More Confidence When Living Alone for The First Time
  • Escape Fear and Worry About Facing Violence
  • Effortlessly Enjoy the College Life Without Fear
  • Discover Their Mental Strength If Faced with Conflict
  • Strategies to Recognize & Avoid Violence
  • Effective De-escalation Skills
  • Tips & Tools to Address Specific College Life Scenarios
And this eBook will help you as a parent.
  • STOP Worrying About Your Child
  • Know Your Child Has the Confidence to Thrive on Their Own
  • Peace of Mind They Have the Tools to Handle Conflict
  • Confidence You Have Prepared Your Daughter or Son to Live on Their Own Safely
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With Gratitude,
Chris Roberts
P.S. – Every minute you wait to get “The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Child SAFE – When They Leave Home for College ” is another minute your child may lack the confidence and skills to thrive when they start their new adventure. Put the power of “The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Child SAFE – When They Leave Home For College ” to work for them so they can quickly and easily feel confident, learn skills to avoid conflict, and you can know your child is safe!

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