Bullets Entered Our Child’s Bedroom

by | Aug 11, 2022

Family Self Defence


Over the past 28 years, we have taught countless families violence prevention & self-defence. Yet virtually every family told me they never considered learning self-defence. Here are three stories about why families booked us to visit their homes.

Story 1 – one family in Oakville, ON invited me because they felt they lived in a very safe neighbourhood until a conflict on their street and stray bullets entered their child’s bedroom.

Story 2 – a family near Perth, ON invited me because the family of all women had a guy from time to time enter their backyard and check out the clothesline when they had hung their underwear to dry.

Story 3 – a family in Brampton, ON, invited me because one day, a man entered their front door and began stabbing the family member who answered the door.

** Another family invited me to teach on a Saturday. As we were enjoying a coffee before beginning, I was sitting alone at the kitchen table with their two teenage kids. I could tell they would rather spend their Saturday doing something else. I said, “Your parents are making you do this, eh?” They both politely smiled and said, “Yes.” I asked them to give me a chance, and at the end of the session, they asked their parents to have me back.

While the topic of Self-Defence is serious, the training can be FUN!

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