Violent Attack Survivor Wants To Help Others

by | Aug 11, 2021

As we are preparing to launch our new online violence prevention course, “THE PARENTAL SAFEGUARD PLAN…To Achieving Peace of Mind!, I asked one of our SAFE International certified instructors to share her personal story in which she experienced and survived a violent, random attack.  

In this interview with Luc Sisombath, Chelsey Brooks Tidmarsh, a mother of two teens and a world-class elite athlete in Rugby and Canoeing, shares the details of her attack. Chelsey believes the most important aspect of self-defence is learning preventative measures before physically defending yourself. 

Warning: The video describes some graphic details.

This story illustrates how anyone of any size or strength can still be targeted for violence. As Chelsey states, people would commonly say to her, “OMG, I would hate to see you in a back lane!” When I was certifying Chelsey, I have to say she did appear and likely is much stronger than me, but I am quick to point out to many that over-confidence in one’s appearance can be risky. We are all potential targets, so the key is in understanding that and educating ourselves on how to minimize the chances of being chosen for victimization. 

Although victims of violence usually know their perpetrators, there are times when violence occurs without any rhyme or reason, as this story shows.

Sadly, many people ask what they might have done to bring the violence upon themselves when virtually nothing could be done to prevent it, particularly when an attack is random and swiftly brought upon you with no foreseen motive.  

Sometimes, one’s only chance to avoid violence is having a heightened sense of awareness. Not paranoia, but an ability to scan and understand the environment, and even then, as you will hear, there are times when one may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is why in this video, Chelsey shares her passion for teaching the preventative side of self-defence and violence prevention through her learning with SAFE International.

I would like to thank Chelsey for opening up and talking about a very personal experience.  And thanks to Luc Sisombath for this excellent interview. 

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Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts, Managing Director SAFE International