Unlock Top 5 Violence Prevention Strategies For Free

by | Aug 12, 2023


Unlock The SAFE Protocol Top 5 Violence Prevention Strategies for FREE Instantly!

Introducing five effective violence prevention strategies derived from our Full SAFE Protocol Violence Prevention course. These strategies have empowered and equipped more than 200,000 individuals participating in our courses since its inception in 1994.

It might sound nutty…but kicking him between the legs might create more problems than it solves!

For the past 30 years, I have been privileged to teach violence prevention and self-defence to over 200,000 women from diverse backgrounds, including teenagers, mothers, professionals, athletes, and survivors of domestic abuse, who have all had one thing in common…

A fear or misconception of what to do if faced with physical harm and a lack of understanding of how to defend oneself. 

Demonstrated in the negative belief that a simple kick between the legs will have their aggressor slumping over in agony. 

Only to find their attacker more enraged, furious and determined in their attack. 

Hollywood movies often give us a false sense of security by depicting a kick to the groin as the fight finisher — when nothing could be further from the truth.

Sadly, many women have learned this devastating and dangerous falsehood too late, resulting in physical harm and trauma.

Luckily, it is easy to quickly learn the strategies needed to protect ourselves and our loved ones from physical harm and to create a sense of safety and security in our daily lives. 

After teaching over 200,000 women tens of thousands of hours and creating a unique formula, I have significantly reduced the risk of physical harm, allowing them to live busy and secure lives.

This critically acclaimed violence prevention and self-defence protocol in just minutes per day makes it easy to…

  • Understand who the “Bad Guy” is targeting as their next victim, what tactics they may use, and how to protect yourself from becoming their next target. 
  • Truly display confidence and assuredness in your daily life.
  • Create a “warrior woman” mindset that gives you the confidence, courage and strength to protect yourself and those you love mentally, verbally, emotionally, and physically. 
  • Communicate directly, effectively, and respectfully with your body language, words, and tone to get home safely to your family. 
  • Learn simple yet powerful physical self-defence techniques that don’t require athleticism, memorization or countless hours of training in a gym or martial arts environment. 

Since offering this life-saving training to tens of thousands of women in person, I have been striving to make this critical education more accessible to women across the globe. 

That’s why I created this new online workshop titled: 

The SAFE Protocol Top 5 Violence Prevention Strategies FREE Mini-Course

The SAFE Protocol Free Life-Saving Strategies (podia.com) 

This has Saved & Changed the lives of thousands of our clients. 

All it takes is one traumatic event to alter our lives or those we hold dear. Such events can have a lasting impact that can take years or a lifetime to heal. 

In this online workshop, I show you how to recognize, avoid, and handle the potential for harm so you can live a life of confidence, safety, and security, giving you peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. 

Check out all our online violence prevention & self-defence products by visiting: SAFE International Violence Prevention & Self-Defence (podia.com)

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

Founder, SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence