Top Self Defence Strategy If You Are Being Followed

by | Nov 2, 2023


Top Self Defence Strategy If You Are Being Followed

Keeping your head up and paying attention increases your awareness of odd behaviour. Being followed doesn’t always begin with a person behind you. Malissa immediately crosses the street, which improves her safety and, depending on his reaction, helps her determine if she should be concerned.

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Here is some additional content from the book on “Being Followed.”

First, cross the street a couple of times. Do they cross the street also? If you have crossed the street two or three times at points that do not make rational sense on the way to your location, that is a strong indication someone is following you.

Next, walk faster. Does the person behind you walk more quickly? If you run, do they run? Changing your pace is an excellent way to determine if someone is following you. Most people walk at the same speed on their journey, so changing your speed dramatically and seeing the same action they took is strong evidence you are being followed.
If you enter a store, do they enter or notice they stopped waiting outside for you?
Try making a 180-degree turn to see if you can catch them off guard. This way, you can see and let them know you have seen them. Be careful when you walk back towards them that you keep a safe distance and that it is done in a public place – not somewhere isolated where they may grab you. Crossing the street and then going back the opposite way would be safer. If they make the same 180-degree turn, it is almost a certainty you are being followed.


Even if you are unsure, you are better off playing it safe. Immediately go to a cafe or public place like a store, home, office building, restaurant, police station – anywhere there are people. Once you arrive, tell someone you feel you are being followed and ask to use the phone to call someone to pick you up or help you or use your cell phone in that safe location.
If you have nowhere to go, the moment you are sure they are following you, begin YELLING. The person following you will often stop because they do not want that attention drawn to them. Many women will say they are concerned about looking foolish if they yell and the person isn’t following them. But, again, I would prefer you get out of a situation and feel foolish than have something happen to you.

Many people ask us what they should yell. Because you are in a high-stress moment, screaming anything is excellent. For example, you might yell, “This guy is following me!” while pointing at him.

You might ask if they follow you and determine by their answer and body language if they are following you. Someone not following you will look surprised, even embarrassed, whereas someone following you will likely leave as fast as possible from the threat of being caught. And if the person says they are following you, it is better to know from a safe distance and prepare.

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