The Risks of Hit First, Ask Questions Later

by | Jun 7, 2023


Few self-defence expressions are as stupid, irresponsible, and lacking any logic as Hit First, Ask Questions Later!

But over 30 years of teaching violence prevention and self-defence, I’ve heard it countless times, along with another well-known one we won’t bring up now.

The statement ignores the reality that any actions you take in defending yourself will likely have to be justified in a courtroom.

If you understand self-defence isn’t just about your stopping a perceived threat with an immediate physical reaction, but assessing it, seeking options to exit or de-escalate, understanding the visual perception to possible witnesses (cause you can bet someone is recording) if and when you decide to strike, you’ve at least given yourself and your loved ones the best opportunity to get home safely from an attack and possibly the law.

And no, I’m not referring to an ambush with no lead-up time.

Teaching it without a serious discussion on how it’s not the same as striking pre-emptively is shortsighted and negligent.