The Chaos & Mess of a Real Knife Attack

by | Oct 17, 2022

So much to unpack here, and I am sure I will miss a couple of things, but the feedback here will be very educational. 

I teach Violence Prevention & Self Defence from a civilian aspect, not a security one, but a few things I notice and would love to get more thoughts on. I do not offer these thoughts from a critical point of view but as an opportunity to learn for everyone. 

The original post said this took place in London, UK where two officers were stabbed. I know many will say if they had guns, the outcome would have been different, but I would like to focus on the tools they do have available. 

Is there a point where having too many people respond can have a negative or more challenging result? Does it appear that some may stand back because of the numbers and feel that others will take action? I am pretty confident that the officer’s training has never included this many. 

I understand you want to approach the attacker with some caution, but when he went to the ground, was there too much of a delay in restraining him? 

Every self-defence course I have seen, taken part in or taught teaches to kick the weapon away, but the reality is different, and we notice it does not get kicked far away enough. The attacker has the awareness in all this mayhem to reach down and re-access it. 

Even a bystander gets involved with his bike overhead and appears to make contact. Was he valuable or a hindrance? 

This video is an excellent example of the reality of a knife attack to what is commonly taught in knife defence. Still, I am curious about what you see from a professional security standpoint. 

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

Managing Director of SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence