Self Defence Drills at Full Speed & Power?

by | Jul 28, 2022

Some self-defense instructors say the drills must be full speed, full power, no mercy, balls to the wall, and 100% intention to be practical.

Some instructors lean towards easy, with virtually no intent, speed, or power, practicing a memorized technique 1000s of times, building a false sense of confidence.

Both approaches will drastically reduce their number of clients, and both can be dangerous. One tragedy could happen after a violent incident when nothing works as practiced.

The other can create tragedy in the actual training when the history and experiences of the client has never been addressed.

The truth is there is never one way to teach. You’re not teaching a class of 20 people, but rather 20 individuals in a class of 20. As an instructor it is your responsibility to understand, listen, and meet the needs of your clients with a methodology that is supportive, empowering, and honest.

Teaching with a cookie cutter approach is easy, but in the instructors best interest, NOT the clients.

Just one of the avenues we explore with the SAFE Self Defence Certification.