Self Defence Advice From The Movie Frozen

by | Mar 22, 2023

self defence advice

Excellent Self Defence Advice from the movie Frozen

The movie Frozen which my grandkids love has a song with excellent advice relating to violence prevention and self-defence. Well, the title is good advice. LET IT GO!

One topic in our courses and certification is protecting your valuables. I will not go into the full topic, but one particular part that people should understand and self-defence instructors should include is when a purse is grabbed.

I will not even address the question here about which method of carrying it is safer, but when someone grabs it, it is instinctive to grab hold of the purse and resist it from being taken. Most people teach you to give up your valuables, and I agree, but do not include that most people will instinctually attempt a tug of war with the person.

This is a rare time when it is best to go against your instincts quickly and give it up. But unfortunately, I have heard far too many stories of people fighting to keep their valuables. Sometimes they are successful, but often an injury or an escalation in violence occurs.

As I have said a million times, you can replace your valuables, not your life.