Prankster Gets Smacked In The Face

by | Jan 4, 2024


While the one prankster gets smacked in the face, the other one runs away.

Did these idiot pranksters get what they deserve?

As I have said many times, I disdain cowards who pull pranks like this, and most often, they deserve the consequences.

While I do not believe this is a self-defence situation in the legal sense, I wanted to ask for everyone’s opinions.

Would you walk away if you turned around and there was no direct threat in front of you, or would you take similar actions?

Do you agree both sides could argue claims of assault?

They got what they deserved, but would the court system see it differently?

Do you agree because the guy was running away, the courts would judge against the one who was first assaulted?

What additional thoughts can you offer?

What pranks like this have you seen online?

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Keep SAFE! Chris Roberts