Never Turn Your Back To A Potential Threat

by | Oct 31, 2023

Never Turn Your Back To A Threat

🚨 There are some potential risks when giving directions to someone, the biggest being you have turned your back on a possible threat! 🚨

Have you ever thought about the potential dangers of providing directions to strangers? While helping others find their way is a common request, it’s crucial to remain cautious and be mindful of your safety.

Here’s why:

Distraction potential: Engaging in conversation and focusing on giving detailed directions can divert your attention away from your surroundings. When someone points or looks in a particular direction while asking, it often causes you to turn your back or look out, if only for a split second. This allows them to close the gap whether they intend to harm or rob you.

Body language: Asking for directions is an excellent way to “size” someone up and determine if they might appear vulnerable. Do you look nervous, or do you still give directions out of fear of appearing rude? Never feel obligated to help someone, mainly if your intuition is triggered.

Location: Of particular concern is whether you are in an isolated area. If alone and no one nearby, this provides them a much higher chance of success in harming you.

Be aware of your surroundings: Before giving directions, take a moment to assess the area and gauge your comfort level. If you feel uneasy, it’s perfectly alright to decline politely. Walk away, but keep your eyes on them.

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