I Don’t Care How Fast You Are, You Can’t Stop the Knife!

by | Nov 1, 2022

A knife attack is virtually impossible at close range unless one has a heightened awareness of the environment, the stars align, and you get lucky. 

There are so many knife attack videos we now see on social media where people are going about their day and are thrust into the chaos of knife violence with zero awareness of what is about to happen. No knife defence “system” or “style” will prepare you if your sole focus is on the physical side of knife defence. 

The knife is the cheapest, easiest to acquire, and most common weapon used in violence. More dangerous than and twice as treacherous as a gun at close range, the knife is one of the deadliest tools used in violent confrontations and can be found in every kitchen household.

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Chris Roberts

Founder, SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence