How To Prevent Purse Snatching

by | Nov 5, 2023

How To Prevent a Purse Snatching

In this video, Bill displays a common, surprisingly simple strategy to steal valuables such as a hand purse or wallet.

As always, the “bad guy” often uses the art of distraction to acquire anywhere from a split-second or more to make their move. And most often, their action will be faster than your reaction.

But what makes this distraction most effective is how common it is. How many times has someone asked you for the time? Countless times and without incident, I am sure, which is why it is often successful.

Luckily, his only goal was to rob Malissa of her purse, which he gets. It may happen so quickly with little time to evaluate the scenario. This is just one of the topics I address in my book, “The SAFE Protocol – The Ultimate Path To Violence Prevention.”

And because it is such a common request, one rarely questions any sinister motives behind it.

Malissa even takes a significant step back, but looking down is what provides the opportunity to Bill.

My suggestion, if one can remember, is never to feel obligated to help, mainly if your intuition is triggered. If you decide to help, keep a safe distance and not take your eyes off them. Either lift your arm with your watch or your cell phone to head level.

There are no guarantees it will stop the thief, but it will increase your chances of them moving on and seeking an easier target.

You must remember worse than stealing your purse is if they are looking to grab or strike you, so the same suggestions apply.

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts