How To Prevent An Attack

by | Dec 8, 2023

How To Prevent An Attack – The Pre-Contact Cues of Self-Defense

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One of the most critical skills to learn if a confrontation goes physical is the ability to recognize the pre-contact cues to an attack.

If one can read the body language of an attack at its earliest stages, they increase their ability to intercept and stop it or at least minimize its effects.

There are many cues to reading body language. Just a few include.

Body Positioning – does one shift their weight back and forth or blade their body? Is their chest puffed up to intimidate? Are they moving into striking range?

Hands – Can you see both hands? Are they clenching their fists, opening or closing them? If you can’t see both hands, be aware they may be hiding a weapon.

Facial Expressions – are they clenching their teeth, nostrils flaring their nostrils, staring at you angrily, or even looking away to distract you?

Verbal Cues – they might even tell you what they will do due to overconfidence.

In this video, the aggressor does not appear very skilled, nor does his intended target. He does attempt to take advantage of the other guy, looking away. His strike was quickly stopped by our bystander, who put his hand out and prevented the punch.

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