How to Engage Your Clients with Self Defence Stories

by | Nov 18, 2022

Self Defence Stories vs Statistics
Self Defence Stories

Why it is critical to share Self Defence Stories before statistics. I noticed this past week, twice during my online SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence Certification, I was asked what my thoughts were on quoting statistics during teaching. And here is what I told them. Statistics are great for catching attention, but I only spend a little time on statistics for a few reasons.

First, for many, they are just numbers that people find hard to personalize. Then you have those who like to argue statistics, again taking away the real meaning behind them you might try to convey. BUT STORIES? Stories can engage, enrage, and bring forth deep, meaningful discussion on the topics you are addressing.

And within stories, there are three levels, each more effective than the previous.

Public Stories – we all see stories of violence and sexual assault online and on social media. Often the headlines catch our attention, and we share them with our clients. And if they have happened to a celebrity others may know, they can be effective to share with our clients.

Stories Clients Share With Us – even more meaningful and impactful is when clients share stories with us we can share with future clients. Because you have heard and discussed the stories firsthand with the clients, you have a deeper understanding of the story and the details and challenges our clients may have experienced.

Live In-Person Stories – these stories are the ultimate in the teaching experience. When a client opens up to you and the other clients, you often have a raw, emotional, highly engaging moment that brings forth tears, fears, and empowerment.

This is one reason I developed the SAFE Women’s Self-Defence Parties many years ago. They create the perfect environment for Live In-Person Stories.

First, they usually take place in the comfort of someone’s home, automatically creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

Second, when you have a group of friends training, you rarely have the awkward get-to-know-each-other period, which can affect how comfortable some might be to share personal stories.

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts, Founder SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence