How To Become The Chosen Victim

by | Dec 8, 2023


How To Become The Chosen Victim For Assault

If you had to assemble a world-class recipe on how to become chosen as a victim of robbery or assault, here are the ingredients in just a few seconds.

While your safety is never guaranteed, you can almost guarantee an increase in risk when you stack vulnerabilities with opportunities for the “bad guy.”

In just these few seconds, what do we see?

This woman was distracted by talking on her cell phone.

She is rummaging through her purse with cash exposed.

She is in a dark, isolated location.

Her hair is even blocking her peripheral vision.

All of us have complete control over each of these points, and I recommend you share them with your friends and loved ones because, sadly, most people never feel they will fall victim to violence.

As I always say, no one needs violence prevention and self-defence training UNTIL THEY DO!

Video courtesy of MK Protection Strategies, SAFE Milwaukee & SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence

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Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts