How Appearing Vulnerable Might Save Your Life

by | Mar 9, 2023

vulnerable target

How Appearing Vulnerable Might Save Your Life!

I know you are thinking about how appearing vulnerable can be good.

Let me explain further. NOT APPEARING vulnerable might be the most important aspect of violence prevention. You want to appear confident, aware, and not worth the risk of targeting.

If you are chosen as an easy or vulnerable target and escaping is not an option, it is best to play along and confirm their suspicions of your vulnerability. This will increase your chances of successfully defending yourself physically in the situation.

It may go against what you have heard or learned from many self-defence instructors, but if your original strategy fails, you must be flexible and ready to adjust it. I am not saying it is easy, but worth learning more about.

Appearing vulnerable may not seem advantageous when defending yourself, but it can be a very effective tactic. By creating the impression that you will not fight back and showing the fear you will have, your opponent may let down their guard due to overconfidence, letting their guard down. This presents a much greater opportunity to strike while they are exposed and vulnerable.

Self-defence is more than just trying to appear tough and ready to fight; it is about using psychological strategies to gain an advantage and manipulate your attacker.

These are strategies we discuss during our courses and certification.

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