Horrific Defence Against a Headlock

by | Jan 4, 2024


Want to see a horrific defence against a headlock?

I offer a few thoughts in the video on this particular Headlock Defence, but rather than focus on the ridiculousness of advising people to go to the ground on purpose while doing no physical damage, I want to make some points about self-defence demos.

Because it is a demo, it DOES NOT mean it can’t be more realistic, even if drilled slowly. I understand MANY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRILL SLOWLY, but it is essential that she NOT ONLY try what she believes will work but as many things as possible to simulate what many others with and without experience might do. This gives the attacker some experience in the simulation of a headlock attack and how the person defending might react. Just a few include from the defending position.

Try to pull her head out. Use her other hand to try and pull the arm off.

She could use body movement as one would like in a panic.

Attempt to bite his arm or stomach.

Make efforts to strike him, putting him in a defensive position.

Yes, try her takedown for experience, but if the training is practical, the result should be less effective compared to other options.

Take the drill to completion with an attempt to run away.

*Many do not read all my posts and will comment that one should know how to fight from the ground. Of course, but my point is that one should never go to the ground on purpose when the goal is to run away. Most of these videos neglect to point out all the negative variables of being on the ground, such as the ground’s surface, multiple attackers, an effort to get up from the ground, and several more.

Things that should be considered for being the attacker in a simulation, even if done slowly, include.

Attempt to immediately take the person to the ground or use your free hand to throw punches.

Resist being taken to the ground.

React to possible strikes from the defendant.

React realistically to strikes thrown if contact is made (even slow can make mild contact) if the instructor has taught how to do drills slowly and effectively.

There are many more considerations. I don’t take it lightly when I post negative comments on a video. Still, there is massive exposure to unrealistic videos on social media, and those with little to no experience in violence prevention and self-defence assume that what they are watching will work.

Demos are not designed to build a false sense of confidence but an opportunity to see what does and does not work. Even then, each possible experience of any attack brings unique variables.

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Chris Roberts, SAFE Violence Prevention & Self Defence