High School Teacher Self-Defense Certification

by | Aug 1, 2020

SAFE International™ has taught more than 200,000 students since 1994. One of the self-defense programs we off is our “Self-Defense School Teacher Certification,” which allows school teachers to become certified in our life-saving content to their students on an on-going basis.

We had the pleasure of certifying a group of teachers in Pennsylvania, USA and here is the feedback we received. Great feedback is always appreciated, but most interesting are the comments from the students and how they now look at self-defense. These comments tell me that these teachers are doing an excellent job of getting the SAFE International™ message of self-defense across to the students in an honest, effective and memorable manner! Here is the feedback we have received.

The SAFE International Self Defense program has changed my life for the better, but many young people’s lives. After extensive research on self-defense companies, our school brought SAFE International in to do teacher training. Our end goal was to educate many young students through our PE curriculum on personal safety and protection. The program allowed us to teach ALL students no matter what age, gender or fitness level valuable life lessons about environmental awareness, the psychology of violence, prevention/de-escalation, confrontation management skills and self-defense tactical skills.

Our teacher training days that led to becoming a SAFE International Certified Instructor were impactful in many ways. Our experience started with educational training. We were exposed to information about the relation to human behaviour and violence, environmental settings, body language and more. The physical training happened only after we had a concrete understanding of the foundations of self-defense. The topic matter is serious; however, the days and lessons were fun, enjoyable, and valuable.

Our large group discussed environmental and social settings, debunked myths, broke down cultural stigmas, and heard many facts about self-protection and human psychology. Our instructors taught and demonstrated tactical skills. The teachers then had the chance to practice those skills, ask questions and dive deeper into the “why” of specific protection measures. The spirit and personalities of our trainers kept the class engaging, positive, non-intimidating and fun! The time we spent together flew by, and we were able to walk away with many educational and skill-based Self-Defense lessons for our students.
“There are not always concrete answers, but there are always options.”

Anyone can practice self-defense if they are equipped with the knowledge and quick practical skills. It doesn’t have to be years of training; we learned valuable skills in just days. I can now pass on the knowledge, confidence, and safety aspects I have to my students. In today’s world, we are all better off knowing just a few ways to protect ourselves and be more confident in our environment!

Following our course, Chris kept in close contact and helped us with post questions or lesson development. Our school was able to create a full course using SAFE international research and information.

Some student feedback:  

“Yes. The skills I got were very practical. They aren’t hard to follow. And, I feel a little more confident in my skills.”

“I expected the more classic version of self-defense, but this really taught me what I needed to know.”

“It was very educational, and it made me feel more confident about being alone and protecting myself.”

“I learned a lot about what self-defense really is, and the best ways to fight off an attacker. I expected just to learn how to do some punches, and that would be it, but I learned more about the best ways to defend myself”.


“I feel better prepared to defend myself and to prevent violent situations than I did before.”

“I loved this class and learned so much about protecting myself in every type of situation. I expected the class to be lots of physical things, and it certainly was. I did not expect to learn as much as I did, and I am so glad I know now how to de-escalate situations and protect myself if needed.”

“I really enjoyed learning the physical tactics, but I also liked the de-escalation. I didn’t even consider that part when I started the class, but I thought it was super helpful.”

“I had a fun time in this class. The environment was great, and I was able to take a lot away from this class. I originally thought that there was no need for a class like this, but I used many of the skills for de-escalation in my daily life as it turns out. this class was great, and I would strongly recommend taking it”

If you have interest in our Self-Defense certification for your staff, please continue looking at this site and you can also visit www.safe101.education for more details. 

You can also email us at info@safeinternational.biz or call us toll-free at 1-800-465-5972

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts

Managing Director, SAFE International