Don’t Wait! Lock Your Car Door NOW for Ultimate Safety

by | Nov 12, 2023


Don’t Wait! Lock Your Car Door Now

Keep windows up, doors locked, and ignition on when you get in your car. Safeguard against unexpected dangers and Bill Stedman at your driver’s side window.

You are much more vulnerable if you are distracted on your phone by checking texts or messages with your car door unlocked. We suggest you lock the doors immediately, put windows up, and have the keys in the ignition and the car started.

Attempting to put the keys in under high stress is challenging, and any attempts to back out successfully to escape will also prove difficult.

Check out this additional car safety content from my book, “The SAFE Protocol – The Ultimate Path To Violence Prevention.”

As you walk toward your car, look under the vehicle so you do not have to bend down to look underneath. There have been cases of people hiding under cars, allowing them to grab an ankle or even cut the Achilles tendon of the person who is about to get in their car. You eliminate this threat by scanning from a distance. It does not take any extra time out of your day to perform these scans. Check the backseat before getting in.

Many clients have had their so-called “funny” husband or boyfriend hide in the backseat to jump up and surprise them. I disagree with this, but I can guarantee they will never forget to look again. The bills for therapy are usually quite extensive after doing this. I recall a story a police officer told me about a woman who came out of a bar and did not check the back seat of her topless Jeep. The attacker in the back proceeded to choke her. In the struggle, her feet kicked and broke the windshield. The unfortunate part is that kicking the windscreen didn’t help her. She did survive, and her lawyer showed the windshield in court to emphasize how violent the attack was.

We previously discussed how cell phones distract us, making us more vulnerable, which makes it crucial to avoid being on your phone. You lose awareness of who might be near your vehicle and appear more vulnerable to anyone looking for a victim.

Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts