Do Not Take This Self Defense Video Seriously

by | Oct 28, 2022

Over the years, I have always had a little discomfort in critiquing what others post as self-defence, but I have had countless people tell me I owe it to those who may not have any experience with violence prevention & self-defence. Never accept any video at first glance as practical or effective. Study, ask questions, practice, and pressure test. Because someone is in a police uniform does not mean they know self-defence. Many police officers train and have a lot of experience, but most don’t prioritize self-defence, even for themselves.

Few thoughts on this video. He tells the woman that if her child is grabbed by the arm, grab his hand and squeeze the thumb, causing the release.

NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! Okay, maybe if the stars are aligned, the guy stands there and has zero to little grip strength.

Some will defend these videos by saying it is a demo, but this demo does not even show in the slightest how fast, brutal, and aggressive the kidnapping would be. If he really grabbed them, he would drag the child, so she would need to run after him and somehow pinpoint grabbing his thumb in all the chaos.

I am more of a fan of simplicity which isn’t even that simple in real life. How about when he grabs she takes her free hands and attacks his face ferally with the ferocity of a parent? Palm strikes, eye gouges, elbows, whatever it takes to do damage to the threat immediately. That is what might cause the release, not a damn pressure point.

Please disagree if you want, but I get frustrated when I see this passed off as self-defence, and because someone has a ton of subscribers, people mistakenly think it must be good content. This is irresponsible in my humble opinion.