Do Not Come Any Closer

by | Oct 26, 2022

“Do Not Come Any Closer!”

Interesting video with several thoughts, but I wish I had more context.  

Nowadays, we often see people in public places shooting videos. I am curious if you think the man shooting the video was there for legitimate reasons or if he was looking for a conflict. 

The man should not have bothered approaching. Just let it go, or if you feel it is a real threat, call the police. Were the words used by the man with the camera almost scripted? 

He begins with, “Don’t Come No Closer,” a direct command. Rarely does using a command stop any potential threat if they deem you vulnerable unless you are in a position of authority. He does switch to, “I am asking you to step back,” which is a little less commanding. 

In addition, it is so common for people to video their aggressor, thinking it will stop them, but again, it is often seen as a threat. And if the person has bad intentions, they may want your video evidence, so rarely does using a cell phone de-escalate the conflict. 

Among other things said, the consequence is given that if he steps closer, he will be knocked out. At this point, the guy is not backing down, resulting in a physical confrontation. 

Did this conflict need to happen? Not at all; both parties could have easily avoided or ended it by walking away. 

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