Communication Should Be Respectful

by | Nov 22, 2021

In any conflict, intimidation is an often-used strategy. For example, the conflict between strangers, whether personal or work-related, intimidation through body language and words may be an immediate reaction one uses, and, if successful, it might be their go-to method in most conflicts. The validity of using this method of conflict resolution is up for discussion.
However, in other cases where there is a relationship established, intimidation might not make an appearance till the abuser has established slowly (or quickly) the groundwork to control and power over their victim.
With relationship abuse, IF the abuser suggests counselling, the counsellor will often show a communication issue BETWEEN the couple. This is one way they can argue their side and this also adds to the abuse.
With an abuser, there is no issue in communication between the two people; THE ABUSER IS THE ISSUE! And unless they seek professional help, the odds of changing their behaviour is minimal at best.
Respectful and effective communication should not be intimidating!
Keep SAFE!
Chris Roberts, Managing Director