Bad Guy Wealth Creation Plan

by | Mar 22, 2022

“The Bad Guy’s Guide to Wealth Creation!”

If I were a “bad guy” in quick need of money, I would head to the local grocery or box store. Unfortunately, every time I go, I will see grocery carts with purses left open screaming at me to come over, look at its content, and snatch the bag. But I don’t because I prefer to teach people how to avoid this situation. And as much as I might like to tell people, the consequences I might face are now worth the aggression I might meet, lol!

My suggestion is to keep the purse on you at all times. I know it might be a pain in the butt, and it will not happen to you because it has not yet, BUT virtually everyone who has fallen victim to this crime has never thought it could happen UNTIL IT HAPPENS! We address this topic in all our courses and certification, including whether one should carry a purse over one shoulder or crossways.

I prefer one shoulder over crossways, because if someone grabs it, you may be thrown to the ground. Many will argue that will not happen if there are many people around. Really?

Check out this video.