6 Words The Bad Guy Is Hoping You Think

by | Dec 1, 2023

6 Words The Bad Guy is Hoping You Think

“But what if I am wrong?” A critical element in violence prevention and self-defence is not being seen as a potential target. Unfortunately, for many people, the risk of embarrassment or appearing foolish is what makes them an appealing choice for physical harm, robbery, or assault to the “bad guy.”

Two examples I offer in this video are when you might be getting on an elevator, you see someone who triggers your intuition, but you still get on. I generally receive one of four answers, the number two being, “I don’t want to appear rude.” We discuss this in-depth in my book, The SAFE Protocol – The Ultimate Path To Violence Prevention

The other example I offer is when we discuss being followed. I will ask the participants if they might turn to the person and say, “Are you following me?” I receive many answers, but a common one is, “No, I would never say that because what if I am wrong.”

I love that people are polite, but not when politeness is made more important than trusting their intuition and protecting themselves. 

Going to the other extreme and being rude in an attempt to scare them away also carries risks, so the key is genuinely projecting authentic confidence. 

One strategy the “bad guy” often uses is to test your politeness to determine if you might make a good victim. In addition, your body language is also a red flag they use as a measure. A few examples include.

  • Do they get close to you, see you feeling uncomfortable, but too afraid to speak up and say something, or even move back? 
  • Do they attempt to make you feel guilty, but instead of resisting their comments, you give in, feeling and showing embarrassment? 
  • Do they ask for help, but despite feeling nervous through your words and body language, you still help them? 

These seemingly small tests might be stacked on each other to give the person a clear picture of your level of being an excellent target. 

As I always state, “I would much rather appear foolish, or even be wrong, but be safe, than be chosen for harm.”

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Keep SAFE!

Chris Roberts