The greatest responsibility in life is protecting your children.

But now that your little girl is going off to college…How do you protect her?

SAFE International has helped over 200,000 parents protect their kids even as they enter young adulthood

“As a father of four, I’ve always done my best to give my children the skills they would to protect themselves. But as my two oldest got ready to leave for college, I was questioning whether I had done enough. I was looking for answers and I found the perfect program with The Parental SAFEGUARD Plan. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it because it was an incredibly comprehensive program.”

Mark Joseph

President and Owner, Spartan Training Gear

“Since 1994, we’ve had SAFE International’s curriculum in our program. I highly recommend it for high school students transitioning to college.”

Linda Preston

Retired Physical Education Teacher


Dropping your teen off for their higher education experience, and not worrying yourself sick the entire way home

Feeling a sense of peace as you go about your daily life because you know your teen has the skills to avoid life-threatening violence

Getting phone calls and messages from your teen away at college and hearing all about their classes and friends – and not violent, confrontational experiences


Look, we know that you’re already put almost 20 years into raising your child to be smart and aware.


But, up until this point, you’ve probably never personally experienced violence and you really have no idea how to teach your teen how to avoid getting attacked (or worse).


Take a deep breath, because we’re about to tell you all about our online course for safety and violence avoidance.

    TRUTH: Your teen is about to throw themselves into unsupervised adulthood – with all kinds of responsibilities, opportunities, and also dangers.


    AKA: The Real World.


    But here’s the deal:


    Learning physical self-defence is only helpful once attacks are already initiated.


    But, what if we could teach teens to avoid most attacks to begin with?


    The Parental SAFEGUARD Plan

    A program for parents of teens who want to feel peace of mind while allowing their child to step confidently into adulthood while away at college.

    The Parental SAFEGUARD Plan focuses on the pre-physical aspect of violence prevention to help your child learn to keep themselves safe.


    As a member of The Parental SAFEGUARD Plan, your teen will learn how to:


    • Recognize & AVOID potential violence before it happens!
    • Become confident in their abilities to navigate SAFELY through their day-to-day activities!
    • Stay aware without paranoia or FEAR!

    Unlike most self-defence courses and martial arts, The Parental SAFEGUARD Plan teaches your child to keep themselves safe by avoiding attacks in the first place.

    In other words: we’re reducing their chance of experiencing physical harm by taking violence out of the equation.

    The Parental SAFEGUARD Plan BEGINS where True Self-Defence should begin, NOT with learning a few physical moves which quite frankly could have been avoided or might make matters worse. 

    Our program is a self-study course. Here’s what you’re going to get inside The Parental SAFEGUARD Plan:


    Week 1

    • Numbers you can’t run from – what you need to know about the statistics of violence
    • How your child can protect themselves without getting physical or facing legal trouble
    • Why teens don’t have to be Cobra Kai-wannabes to stay safe


    Week 2

    • How to avoid attacks before they happen
    • Everyday devices and clothing that make teens vulnerable to attacks
    • How to get inside the mind of an attacker so you can avoid or outsmart them
    • The right way to project confidence that will repel attackers


    Week 3

    • Intuition vs. Paranoia: How teens can learn to trust their gut about suspicious people and circumstances
    • How to keep yourself safe while riding in an elevator with someone you don’t know
    • Distractions that can put teens in danger


    Week 4

    • How your cell phone can help (and hurt) you
    • The one, tiny device everyone uses that can put you in harm’s way
    • How to determine if someone is actually following you


    Week 5

    • Keeping yourself safe when driving, parking, and approaching your car
    • What to do if your car breaks down
    • How to protect yourself when carrying valuables like a purse or bag

    Plus, when you enroll,
    you get these bonuses!

    Home Safety

    How to stay safe when a stranger is at your door


    Avoiding Emotional Manipulation

    How to be strong in the face of people who don’t respect your boundaries


    Staying Socially Safe

    How to stay safe while still having fun with your friends


    The majority of the public never feels they need this education and, unfortunately, do not seek it until something has happened. 


    The facts are that up to a third of women will be assaulted during their lifetime – and the highest risk group is teenage women.

    As smart, prudent people, we spend thousands of dollars on things like insurance – but so few spend any time at all on learning and teaching their children the skills of violence avoidance.

    The content in this online course has been taught to more than 200,000 students and teens since 1994.

    Don’t let violence happen to your child. The trauma a person can experience from a violent encounter can last a lifetime.

    I’m Chris Roberts, father of two and grandfather to two (and possibly more in the future!). I have been teaching this material for over 25 years. It’s been an honor to help families and individuals learn to protect themselves from violence, and I want you to have that same protection.


    Most parents make sure their children learn important life skills – like swimming, driving, basic safety, being a good citizen, etc. But very few parents are actually trained in self-defence and how to avoid violence, so they’re not able to pass this knowledge onto their children, leaving them with a dangerous gap in knowledge.


    At SAFE International™, we’ve made it our mission to equip parents, children, and teens with the knowledge and skills they need to keep themselves safe and avoid violence.

    “My daughter took your program when she was a grade 9 student many years ago. Five years later, she was able to avoid an abduction because of the information she learned.

    While in a mall parking lot with some friends, a man jumped out from behind a pillar with a knife, demanding they get into his van. Remembering what she had learned, my daughter jumped into the driver’s seat of the van and began honking the horn to draw attention to what was happening.

    Because of the actions she took – which she learned from your program – the man fled the scene and my daughter and her friends remained safe. He was later apprehended and arrested.”

    J. O’Brien

    SAFE International™ Customer