Rich & Roberts Self-Defense


While SAFE International has a full complement of violence-prevention programs, we also have one more special self-defense course offering. We call it the Rich & Roberts Self-Defense Event, taught by Richard Dimitri, founder of Senshido and renowned self-defense professional, and me.

It is my honour and privilege to have Richard Dimitri not only work with SAFE International but also bring his vast knowledge of self-defense to our clients.

The Rich & Roberts self-defense workshops give us the chance to dive much deeper than normal into the psychological and physical aspects of dealing with violence while bringing our unique brand of humour to all our workshops.

Rich & Roberts Self-Defense Course Options


  • 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation generally referred to as “The Shredder”
  • Ground Survival Strategies
  • Knife Defense Concepts
  • Demystifying the Current Trends, Gimmicks, and Myths in Self-Defense Today
  • Strategies to Deal with Multiple Attackers
  • In-depth Analysis of Pre-Contact Cues of Violence in Social and Asocial Setting
  • How to Build Realistic Scenarios into Your Training
  • Plus, much more!

Learn, use, and adopt innovative drills, proven concepts, tools, and tactics that will add an extra dimension to your teaching curriculum.


Throughout these past 20 years, I’ve had the tremendous fortune of learning skills and philosophies from many individuals, from all over the world, whom I respect and have a genuine admiration for.

Richard, however, has had the biggest influence on how I think about our SAFE International self-defense courses.

Having Richard as a member of the SAFE International team is beyond what I could have anticipated. For those of you who are acquainted already with Richard, you appreciate what I am talking about. And for those of you who are new to SAFE International or Richard, read on to see why I’m so thrilled to have him on board.

Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts is the Founder of SAFE International. Chris has been married for more than 30 years and has two grown kids. He is also the grandfather of two amazing little girls who refer to him as “Grampy” or “Guy.”

In 1994, Chris launched SAFE in front of a class of 20 students in Ontario, Canada. SAFE has now expanded to having taught more than 250,000 people. What began as a new business venture, he thought, has now become a lifelong mission and obsession to help others learn how to recognize and avoid violence.

Richard Dimitri

Ever since he took his first martial arts class as a child, Richard has been involved in the realm of self-defense in some form or fashion.

From offering private and personal security to being a bodyguard for high-profile clients around the world to developing his very own system (Senshido), Richard’s staggering accomplishments — which include working with the British Special Forces, the Presidential Security Team of Finland, SWAT, the Mexico City chapter of the Guardian Angels, and various Women’s Organizations  — have made him one of the most respected members of his field. Senshido was Richard’s vision for reality-based self-defense; teaching survival skills for actual world violence by preparing you for the worst, from drawing out the elemental and instinctive self-defense tools innate to all of us.

In Richard’s own words: no styles, no systems, no rituals, no lineages, no masters, no labels, no belts, no katas, no uniforms, no dogmas — only sharing and learning through self-actualization and personal expression of truth via functional combative philosophy, psychology, movement, and fitness.



I am excited to share my highest recommendation for this seminar for anyone who wants to increase their chance of survival and escape from serious harm.

As a survivor of sexual violence and rape over a long period in my life, I’ve spent the last eight years developing my emotional, psychological, and physical skills from a point where I could not stand the thought of any physical confrontation to teaching women and vulnerable groups as a qualified advanced instructor. 

I’ve trained with some excellent industry professionals over the years who have really transformed and empowered me beyond what I ever thought possible and Rich and Chris are among the best.

Their systems take into account both behavioural and physical components and can be adapted to people of different ages and physical abilities.

Chris, Rich, and I share a passion for the safety of women and young girls, in their three-day course, including an introduction to The Shredder mindset, they show a deep understanding of training with students with trauma and PTSD, and the insurance of a safe but challenging training environment.

Whether you attend for your personal safety or as an instructor, I would highly recommend this course.

Annette Helberg

I recently had the privilege and honor of attending the Rich & Roberts Three-Day Self Defense Seminar and couldn’t be more eager to share my testimonial. 

This is not another typical hard-charging, technique-oriented, style-driven learning experience. It’s a no-nonsense approach to self-defense as well as a life-changing event.

From basic skills to the 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation, aka the “Shredder,  Chris and Rich not only covered the physical retaliation side of defending oneself but delved very deeply into the psychological aspect of self-defense as well. Fighting isn’t just about strikes and kicks; in fact, this class has taught me that human psychology plays an overwhelming role in the outcome of a violent encounter.

The past three days have opened my eyes to the world of real violence. No labels, styles, or brands were attached here; only true, raw, and unadulterated self-defense. Everything I’ve learned about defending myself throughout my entire life pales in comparison to the knowledge and self-awareness I learned from these two guys in three days. The wealth of knowledge and experience Chris and Rich possess is incredible, the presentation is humorous, and the results are real.

Ryan Markley