Indigenous Peoples’ Self-Defense Classes


“As a nation, we face a crisis: regardless of which number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls is cited, the number is too great. The continuing murders, disappearances and violence prove that this crisis has escalated to a national emergency that calls for timely and effective responses. This is not what Canada is supposed to be about; it is not what it purports to stand for,” 

– Buller said

SAFE International™ wants to ensure that all Indigenous people are free from harm and get home, safe and sound, to their families every day. We have created a violence prevention and self-defense course to help make this possible. SAFE International has worked with Timiskaming First Nations and Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, among other communities, by providing self-defense certification training so local leaders can continue to provide this self-defense education on an ongoing basis to adults, youth, and seniors.

Consider These Statistics:

  • In Canada, Indigenous people account for almost 1/4 of the victims of violence and/or assault, despite compromising just 5% of the population. 
  • Rates of almost all types of violent victimization are higher for Indigenous people than for non-Indigenous people. Specifically, the sexual assault rate of Indigenous people is almost three times that of non-Indigenous people, while the physical assault rate of Indigenous people is nearly double that of non-Indigenous people.
  • In 2014, Indigenous people were more likely than non-Indigenous people to have been a victim of spousal violence in the past five years.
  • Half of Indigenous victims of spousal violence report experiencing the more severe forms of spousal violence, such as sexual assault, beatings, chokings, or being threatened with a gun or knife. This compares with just under ¼ of non-Indigenous victims of spousal violence. 

Benefits of Bringing the SAFE International

Self-Defense Course to Your Community


  • Participants gain an understanding of how to recognize, avoid, and prevent violence
  • Participants gain an understanding of how to recognize, avoid, and prevent violence
  • Conflict-resolution training helps de-escalate the potential for violence
  • Self-defense skills are easy to learn, regardless of age, gender, or physical limitations
  • Increased confidence helps people deal with bullying, harassment, or violence
  • Learn defenses against the most frequent types of attacks
  • Plus, much more
First Nations
First Nations

Get Home to Your Family

Our self-defense class is not a martial arts class, MMA, or fighting course  That’s because self-defense is not a “system” or “style” of fighting.  It’s a legal term that states (in North America) you have the moral, legal, and ethical right to terminate a threat within the law’s parameters.  It’s important to remember that self-defense isn’t about winning or losing, trophies, or revenge.  It’s about avoiding confrontation – and getting home safely. 

I took the facilitator training with SAFE International for many different reasons. Personally, it has given me a lot of very essential prevention education, and the simulated training was very eye opening in the way that any previous training I had taken proved to not work! I didn’t need to try to recall the fancy ineffective techniques. The way that SAFE International trains you is natural, so it is easily recalled in situations where your personal safety is on the line. Professionally this training keeps me aware when going out on home visits in client’s homes and now our team can spread the awareness and training to the community members to keep even more people safe. 

Thank you SAFE International!

Bobbie Jo Gregorcic

Clinical Supervisor for First Line Services/Mental Wellness Programs

“SAFE International provided us with both effective and highly memorable personal protection instruction through their unique ability to reach people in a way that enables them to retain and utilize the skills if necessary. What distinguishes SAFE International from all other programs is how they present, with real-life simulated scenarios, hands-on techniques, and humour. While the subject is a very serious one, Chris understands that learning in a safe, fun, and enthusiastic environment is the best way to retain what is being presented.”

Dan Lavigne

Social Programs Supervisor

SAFE International is my first ever self-defense training . . . I absolutely loved how the course was taught, and Chris had my full attention at all times. I would definitely recommend this specific defense training to all of my family members!”

Candace Polson

Social Activities Coordinator

“Self defense training with SAFE International was an awesome and pleasant experience. I really appreciate that the program they teach includes awareness and techniques to diffuse a potential attack. But if I were unsuccessful at diffusing the situation, I’m confident that the self-defense techniques I learned are effective, easy to remember, easy to execute, and could potentially save my life. Thank You!”

Jennifer Bourdon

FLS Social Worker