SAFE Self-Defense Certification Training

Since 1994, SAFE International™ has been a world leader in teaching self-defense that’s honest, memorable, and effective. We’ve trained over 250,000 people and strengthened communities all over the world. As part of our mission to make the world safer, we have certified self-defense instructors in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Germany.


Who Is this Course For?

  • Experienced self-defense instructors looking to add a world-class violence-prevention certification to their training
  • Fitness trainers considering a violence-prevention program that complements the healthy lifestyle philosophies they teach
  • Owners and operators of martial arts schools looking to integrate violence prevention into their self-defense classes
  • Corporate violence-prevention/workplace-safety trainers
  • Law enforcement trainers
  • People who have a passion for making their communities safer
  • Parents interested in violence-prevention training to keep their families safe
  • Survivors of abuse who want to help others



SAFE 101 Violence Prevention Certification

The SAFE 101 Certification prepares you to teach by taking an in-depth look at the psychology of Violence from the perspective of the intended victim, the aggressor, bystanders, or other parties who may be involved. We will examine the relation of human behaviour to both social and anti-social Violence with a focus on avoiding Violence through both environmental and situational awareness. Through an examination of the potential hazards people may face in their daily lives; you will have the education to offer solutions to your clients, whether they are teens, adults, seniors, corporate executives, or busy stay at home parents. 

The SAFE 101 Certification takes an in-depth look at the potential hazards those you teach may face in the following areas to recognize, avoid, and deal with the potential for violence:

  • The value of our Intuition
  • Display of pure confidence, not manufactured
  • How to become a Hard Target
  • The victim selection process and how to prevent
  • Differences between social & anti-social violence
  • Self-defence vs martial arts vs fighting
  • Safe use of elevators
  • Home safety
  • Car safety
  • Safe travel
  • Bullying prevention
  • Plus, much more!

Besides, we teach proven behavioural and psychological principles to navigate through the chaos of confrontation. This module will give you the tools to defuse and de-escalate a potentially violent assault with proven strategies and conflict resolution principles. It is critical to differentiate between a good guy having a bad day and a genuine ‘bad guy.’ We design each SAFE 101 Violence Prevention course to the specific needs of the individual, company, family, or group we are teaching after consultation or review.   

Note: The SAFE 101 curriculum DOES NOT include a physical component. Refer to the SAFE 360° program for further details.  

SAFE 360 Violence Prevention Certification

This module continues where the SAFE 101 Certification ends at the verbal de-escalation phase. With the SAFE 360 Certification, you will have the tools to provide your clients with education and training in how to manage Violence at the physical level. You will have an understanding of confrontation management from a 360-degree perspective considering all possible variables such as participants, witnesses, environmental, and situational variables.  

The SAFE 360° training will include:

  • Understanding and recognition of the pre-physical contact cues to potential Violence. 
  • How to use distance and proximity to reduce the chances of harm to both you and the aggressor. 
  • Demystification of fantasy self-defence taught in the martial arts, Hollywood movies, and other violence prevention programs. 
  • Defence against most common attacks such as shoves, grabs, tackles, sucker punches, attacks on the ground, bear hugs, chokes, hair pulls, and other aggravated assaults.
  • Principles and concepts to stop a threat based on one’s force in defending must parallel the danger. 
  • How the step by step self-defence instruction commonly taught is not valid. 
  • How to apply the training to the job description of your client if the practice is work-related.  
  • The legal, moral, and ethical effects of surviving a violent encounter. 

The SAFE 360º Violence Prevention Certification will educate you on how to meet the general needs of the individual, company, family, or group you are teaching after consultation or review.   

Specialized SAFE Certification Modules

  • Violence Prevention/Self-Defence for Schools
  • Knife/Edged Weapons Defence
  • Ground Defence
  • Close Quarter Principles – aka 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation developed by Richard Dimitri
  • Healthcare Industry Safety
  • Realtor Safety Program
  • Family Self Defense
  • Spartan Gear Scenario Development & Training  


The SAFE 360 Certification designation must be completed successfully before adding the additional modules listed above. Included in the specialized certifications are:

  • Precise curriculums taught including updates based upon on-going research
  • Marketing support in each area of certification
  • Badges and Logos for each module of certification

There is an additional investment for each module and pricing is based upon the number of participants who have completed the SAFE 360 Certification.