SAFE Self-Defense Certification Training

Since 1994, SAFE International™ has been a world leader in teaching self-defense that’s honest, memorable, and effective. We’ve trained over 250,000 people and strengthened communities all over the world. As part of our mission to make the world safer, we have certified self-defense instructors in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Germany.


Become a SAFE International Certified Self-Defense Instructor


Who Is this Course For?

  • Experienced self-defense instructors looking to add a world-class violence-prevention certification to their training
  • Fitness trainers considering a violence-prevention program that complements the healthy lifestyle philosophies they teach
  • Owners and operators of martial arts schools looking to integrate violence prevention into their self-defense classes
  • Corporate violence-prevention/workplace-safety trainers
  • Law enforcement trainers
  • People who have a passion for making their communities safer
  • Parents interested in violence-prevention training to keep their families safe
  • Survivors of abuse who want to help others


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