Does An Apple a Day Keep The Bad Guy Away?

by | Jan 5, 2024


An Apple a Day Keeps the Bad Guys Away… or Does it?

Teaching family self-defence courses has always been one of my favourite courses! We cover all sorts of helpful stuff, including car and home safety.

Most people can’t wait to get home, where they can let their guard down and forget all about basic safety measures, leaving their cars and front doors unlocked.

In any case, you wouldn’t catch them doing that outside their fortress of solitude!

Taking an extra second or two to lock your car doors, even at home, keeps your safety intact and brings peace of mind, in my experience.

I also encourage people to have fun, play a little game where you pretend you are the “bad guy, ” and think about where you might be most vulnerable in your daily life.

What would you look for if you were looking to break into or steal a car or a home?

If you found a car door unlocked, is there a good chance you might suspect a family leaves their front door unlocked?

This game can be played in many areas of your life regarding your safety, but this is one example.

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Keep SAFE!