Saving & Changing Lives Since 1994!


About Us

SAFE International™ is a team of passionate Self-Defense and Violence Prevention teachers dedicated to making the world safer!

Why Us

Everyone from children to seniors should have access to personal safety training that can be learned in hours, not years. With the unpredictable nature of humankind, it’s essential that everyone knows how to protect themselves. This self-defense training should be honest, memorable, practical, and fun. With these guiding beliefs, SAFE International teaches thousands, bringing their clients peace of mind.

SAFE International began its self-defense journey in a classroom standing in front of 20 high school students in a small town in Ontario, Canada, to now, in 2020, having taught over 250,000 people in several countries. What began as a typical self-defense program by today’s standards has evolved into one that covers the full spectrum of violence prevention.


Real self-defense is about going home to your family!

Through years of ongoing research, testing, and constant evaluation, SAFE International has gained a reputation for teaching real-life self-defense concepts and principles that can be adapted to anyone regardless of age, gender, physical, or mental limitations.

Self-defense education begins long before the potential for violence. True self-defense will prepare you to recognize, react, and respond to confrontation.


Chris Roberts, SAFE International Founder

To provide people with the tools to avoid and handle the conflict and violence one may face in their daily lives, Chris Roberts started SAFE International, providing self-defense and violence prevention education in Canada then expanding to several countries around the world. Since its start in 1994, his organization has taught more than 250,000 people in schools, corporations, families, martial arts clubs, and women’s groups.

When he isn’t working on his business, he enjoys being a coffee snob and “Grampy” to his two granddaughters.

His mission is to provide self-defense education to everyone on what to do in a conflict so they can get home to what matters most: their family.