Realtor Safety Training

Safety Tips during Open Houses & Showings,
Effective De-escalation Strategies… and more!


Did You Know 25% of Male Real Estate Professionals and 44% of Female Real Estate Professionals Have Experienced a Fearful Situation on the Job?

Like most people, real estate professionals generally think they’ll never fall victim to violence. So they often don’t even consider learning violence-prevention skills.

But people in the real estate industry are at greater risk than most others since they work with people they don’t know, often at isolated locations or on vacant properties.

When crimes against real estate professionals do occur, the majority of them tend to be violent and, in many cases, have resulted in hospitalization and, in some cases, loss of life. To a criminal, a real estate professional is often a soft target.

The mobile SAFE International™ Real Estate Professional Violence-Prevention program directed by Rob Andress addresses all the probable risks and threats a real estate professional may encounter.


Topics include:

Displaying true confidence, not faked

Why you should trust your intuition 

How to safely walk in the street

Elevator safety

Safety in the home

Protecting valuables

Conflict-resolution training

Plus, much more 

Video excerpt from one of our senior courses showing one approach an attacker may use to distract their potential victim before attacking:


As you can see, we incorporate humour into all our self-defense presentations, ensuring all the participants feel comfortable while explaining serious topics.

We believe everyone should have the right self-defense skills when faced with the potential of serious physical harm. So, while our popular course, which was featured in, focuses on how to avoid dangerous scenarios, we also give time to the physical concepts of self-defense. 

We teach participants to strike the most vulnerable targets on the body in a way that does not require an impressive deal of strength. In addition to teaching a few strikes, we address the most common attacks one might experience. We practice all of this in a supportive and safe environment.

And the best part is that we can come to you. SAFE International is a mobile self-protection business, and we can instruct seniors in their homes, retirement homes, seniors centres, or anywhere a group may be gathering. 


“Safe International’s teaching principals of humour and relevance worked very well with our group. It can be very challenging to get older adults out of their homes and involved in programs. Safe International understands that teaching self-defense through fear tactics does not work well with older adults. They also understand the importance of educating through laughter.

The techniques taught were relevant and took into account the varying abilities of the students. Time for questions and story sharing was enjoyed by all, and the preventative skills they learned are crucial.

Self-defense is an extremely important skill for older adults to have, not only in keeping them safe but giving them confidence. Many of our older adults have lost abilities over the years and struggle to remain living independently. Safe International helped them to regain a sense of control and independence in their lives.”

I strongly recommend Safe International to other Older Adult Centres.

Yours truly,
Sherri Bulmer
Older Adult Program Co-ordinator, Central Eglinton Community Centre


“SAFE International came to the Bernard Betel Centre and ran a very successful session with our seniors. Chris was a fantastic instructor, incorporating humour and fun into the presentation delivery. He was able to tailor an informative and educational presentation that was of great value to the audience. The feedback I received from the seniors was wonderful, and we look forward to having him back again soon.”

Katie Giles

Health Promotion & Wellness Coordinator

Bernard Betel Centre